• Business Communications in the Event of a Disaster

    Business Communications in the Event of a Disaster Communication is often the primary key in the operation of any business. When a disaster takes place, communication can become even more vital, as proper communications can be the difference between tragic loss, and proper response. It means relaying your awareness of the situation, including any resources that you may be lacking, Read More
  • Valuable Selling Time Lost - Can You Afford It?

    Sadly, many executives and management spend a significant percentage of their workdays in meetings.  Our meeting-intensive culture affects employees at all levels, and succeeds in killing productivity and morale. If your corporate culture falls into this trap, please realize it is unsustainable and unproductive. Think about how many meetings you attended last week that didn’t even have a formal agenda? Read More
  • Does Your Social Media Program Have a Roadmap?

    DOES YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM HAVE A ROADMAP? Driving around aimlessly, or in lazy circles may seem “fun” to some people, but the reality is you never end up at the right (or any appropriate) destination. With the advent of smartphone apps, GPS devices and satellite mapping, trips become much more efficient and much less costly since we know exactly Read More
  • ThermaPure Lawsuit Update

    Here is the latest on the lawsuit.  http://www.randrmagonline.com/articles/86141-ria-thermapure-settle-patent-lawsuit This was emailed to me by Ed Cross, Esq (and re-published with his permission) Lawsuit Against E-Therm, Inc. for Illegal ThermaPureHeat License Agreements Dear Dick, My office is currently pursuing litigation against E-Therm, Inc. to have its California "Provider License Agreements" declared unlawful and unenforceable for failure to comply with California's Franchise Read More
  • Relationship Marketing is Alive - Maybe!

    Route Marketing Is Dead is the title of the last article I wrote for R&R mag online.  Many of the calls and emails I received asked if I thought they should completely quit marketing to insurance agents or adjusters or plumbers.  The short answer is No.  More accurately is: HOW you are marketing – (what you are saying), because cookie marketing Read More
  • 1 Business Communications in the Event of a Disaster
  • 2 Valuable Selling Time Lost - Can You Afford It?
  • 3 Does Your Social Media Program Have a Roadmap?
  • 4 ThermaPure Lawsuit Update
  • 5 Relationship Marketing is Alive - Maybe!
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