Offering Excellent Customer Service


Offering Really Excellent Customer Service

Guest Author: Cheryl Wagner

You don’t have to have the lowest prices in town, just provide great customer service and the word travels. Teach your employees how to appreciate your customers.  We can no longer assume they know how to provide great customer service.

Here are few tips:

· Your employees should always smile and greet the customer by name (whenever possible).  That will make your customer feel very special. I return to businesses that have made me feel special above and beyond.  I go to restaurants where the wait staff treats me as a friend, not a burden.

· Listening to your customers without interruption, letting them know you want to help solve their concerns, will be your biggest benefit.  Most people just want someone to listen and provide a solution for their problems.  Listen to all the issues they have gone through in their catastrophe.  They need someone to talk with and be able to get it off their minds.  Then explain the steps you will be taking to help them. You may have to do this a few times but they just want to be reassured.

· Always say thank you.

· When problems arise, your employees should never argue with the customer and must remain professional no matter what words are thrown at them.  And again listen, apologize and say thank you for letting you take care of the problem.

· Set expectations and let the customer know what will be done and when, and do exactly what you say you will do - as quickly as possible.

· Make sure you follow-up with your customer to confirm they are completely happy.  So many times I've received a questionnaire after a large purchase that says "if you cannot answer excellent to all questions, please call us so we can resolve any issues."  This should be in the forefront of all employees minds.

Teaching your employees to care and provide awesome customer service will help you obtain your goals for your company.

Dick Wagner is a Disaster Restoration and Commercial Marketing Consultant.  419-202-6745