A Terrible Way To Promote Your Water Damage Services?

Terrible Way To Promote Business

In my opinion, this is a terrible way to promote and market your restoration business! 

The yellow highlighted text was taken directly from the website of a restoration contractor.  I've changed minor wording to protect the guilty. (If this is from your website... call me!  I'll help you make good changes - FREE!)

OUT OF POCKETIf you call "XXXXX" you can be rest assure you're in good hands. We'll work directly with your homeowners insurance to take care of the water damage restoration. If you  choose "XXXXX" to handle your water damage emergency heres what you can expect:

  •     No money out of pocket.
  •     Direct Insurance Billing.
  •     We help with your hotel stay if you need it.
  •     We care about your crisis.
  •     We bring your home back to better than new condition.
  •     We work with you and assist.
  •     We are highly trained in water damage emergencies.

 Let me address my concerns:

  • No money out of pocket - means the company is willing to "absorb" the deductible - which today can be a minimum of $1,000 (many policies in 15 states now have a 1% or 2%deductible (based on the insured value).
  • Direct insurance billing - means you are essentially working for the insurance company, and by natural extension you will do what the insurance adjuster wants, at his price, on his timetable. (You can't serve two masters!)
  • We help with your hotel stay - probably means you are saying you will pay the $100 per night hotel costs (adding another $3-500 to your overhead)
  • We care about your crisis - means you care about their crisis. (Hmmm, it's nice to know you care - but how does that really help?)
  • We bring your home back to better than new condition - Yikes... that means my frayed and worn carpet will be new? The base trim that was marred, scratched and chipped will be replaced with new? The hardwood floor you saved, but had gouges and scratches will be replaced with new? (And what exactly is "better than new?")
  • We work with you and assist you - means - well I'm not sure.  (Maybe they will help you mow the lawn or shovel your sidewalk).
  • We are highly trained in water damage emergencies - means ?  You are more skilled that most contractors? You have more IICRC certifications? 

Sadly, our websites are just electronic versions of our company literature, and even more sad is the fact that most of the bullet points of this contractor are either impossible to achieve or put you completely at the mercy of the insurance company.  Plus, I haven't even mentioned the issue of profit - or lost profit - or possibly inflating the invoice to offset all the "freebies."

Come on contractors - in my opinion this is a poor or even unethical way to do business. Even if it's totally on the up and up - (no invoice padding) then you may be a charity or non-profit company and contractors generally don't PLAN to be in the non-profit business!

Author: Dick Wagner, Restoration Coach and Consultant, Commercial Marketing Expert