Should Plumbers Be ISO Certified?

ISO Certification - Do I Need It?

You've probably seen the signs proclaiming "ISO 9001" Certified or "ISO 13000" Certified and wondered why and how. There are now more than one million companies worldwide that are ISO Certified, with thousands more qualifying every day.

"Many organizations decide to Implement  ISO 9000 quality management approaches and obtain ISO 9001 registration because it assures customers that the company has a good Quality Management System (QMS) in place. Many organizations require their suppliers to have ISO9001 Registration. The concept of executing an ISO 9000 quality process allows companies to have access to a wider market for their products." 

As companies become ISO certified, they begin to demand their vendors become certified as well.  Right now there are very few Contractors that have met the requirements for, and are now ISO certified!

As ISO becomes the norm (and it will for millions more companies), and as these ISO companies start demanding their vendors be ISO compliant, you can be sure they will require the disaster recovery contractor they select, to be certified also.

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It's no secret that for the past several years, many contractors have been experiencing a drop in the number of  job opportunities because of a dozen critical factors (If you’ve attended my “Ramp It Up Now” or "Soaring With Eagles" courses – you already know why). The hundreds of contractors that have attended my courses, have methodically started marketing according to my Winning Strategies System have had great success.

I predict within the next two to five years, many of these commercial properties and owners will begin to require you to be ISO certified or they won’t allow you to be their vendor.  They may be OK having a $500 repair done with a non-ISO vendor, but if you plan to respond to and handle a $100,000 project, in the next several years you need to be ready for the question "are you ISO Certified?"

As the jobs and project opportunities become more and more difficult to obtain, securing a strong vendor position by having ISO Certification for your company becomes critical.

My suggestion: spend the money now to at least learn what ISO is, what’s required, and begin preparing your company for the inevitable. In five years you’ll be glad you did.                        Author Dick Wagner - Consultant and Trusted Advisor