Restoration Contractors Slammed in Colorado

altRecently, Colorado signed into law new rules for the disaster restoration and roofing contractors which will significantly change the way you do business!  Although the law was originally intended to target unscrupulous and out of town storm chasers, but will dramatically affect the good ones too.  Primarily those working on residential properties.

The net effect of this law will likely impact every Colorado restoration contractor, even those not doing roof repairs.   According to the statute, the term “Roofing Contractor” includes any “firm, partnership, corporation, association, business trust, limited liability company, or other legal entity that performs or offers to perform roofing work in Colorado on residential property for compensation.”   Many times restoration contractors end up assuming the role of a general contractor, and by extension, may be held accountable to the law for all of their subcontracted trades.  It even includes water losses that are caused by high wind and roof damage (i.e., tornado, microburst, etc.).

The list of property losses that require some degree of roofing work is virtually endless.alt

In addition, the law introduces a number of new requirements that contractors will find difficult to follow, and non-compliance carries serious consequences.

To read a detailed and full explanation of this shocking new challenge to Colorado contractors, go to: Colorado Contractor Law by Chip Glasser      

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