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Specialized Commercial Sales and Marketing
From Tuesday 06 February 2018 -  08:00am
To Thursday 08 February 2018 - 05:00pm
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(To be accepted as a PREP certified contractor, we only accept one client from a specific market area, so that there is no duplication of marketing strategies in the same marketing region. Note there are exception and requirements to this exclusive program). Contact Dick Wagner for details. 419-202-6745

Please call to confirm availability of seats.  419-202-6745   Class is limited to 15 attendees.

3- Day  Training Seminar  Course Highlights
Is Your Business Being Affected by These Changes?

  •     You are totally cut out of major carrier work by Preferred Vendor Programs of the major carriers.
  •     Third Party Administrators (TPA's) demand the highest service for the lowest price and cut you out of the marketing loop.
  •     Higher Deductibles of 2, 3, and 4% are now in 22 states, and a policy with a 5% deductible is coming! Are you ready?
  •     The CLUE Database is causing agents to discourage policyholders from making claims—especially your “bread and butter” water losses.
  •     Insurance companies are consolidating, ruining adjuster and agent referral relationships that may have taken years to build.
  •     Agent Marketing is not effective anymore - Plumbers are demanding very high finders fees (bribes)

Restorers are being impacted by these radical changes taking place in the property claims industry. Without exception, restorers are seeing less and less residential work. The ways you used to generate new business ise no longer working and their you are under assault from a wide variety of competitive forces. Stop, Drop and Roll Marketing (doughnut dropping) isn't working the way it used to 20 years ago, and agents are less and less willing to refer work to you!

Day 1:   (8 hours)  (Dick Wagner -
The Major Industry Shifts Happening Now and How Commercial Marketing is the Answer

  •     Dramatic changes happening in the insurance claims industry
  •     How to approach and sell to the Commercial markets
  •     How to identify the prospects you want to go after
  •     The conerstone of your commercial sales strategy - The PREP™  Program
  •     Defining the commercial market in your region
  •     Bonus opportunities you have never heard of!!!

Day 2:  (4 hours)  MORNING  (Dick Wagner)
Collaboration Sales & Marketing Skills for Sales Staff

  •     Why and how to use powerful questions that make your client want to do business with you!
  •     Understand and learn why and how to use Collaboration Marketing
  •     Metaphorically Selling & Selling by Storytelling   You will be blown away by this strategy!     
  •     Learn the best ways to use the Herd Theory
  •     How to easily get past gatekeepers and get in front of decision makers.

Day 2:  (4 hours)  AFTERNOON  (Bill Giannone - Restoration CEO)
Knowing the $$$ Numbers and How To Achieve Them

  •     Financial needs and issues of the commercial client
  •     Reasonable Expectations Based on Your Success
  •     ROI of Breakfast, Lunches, Donuts, Chachki items, other "marketing" expenses
  •     Your owners' concerns and expectations (Owners & Managers ROI)

Day 3: (8 hours) (Bill Giannone)
Your Part in How the Sales / Marketing Division Fits In With the Rest of the Company

  •     Sales & Marketing Staff vs Production: Finding the Perfect Balance
  •     Marketers on a Project: Where Do You Fit In?
  •     Value of a Marketer vs Other Lead Generation Sources
  •     What a Proper Marketing Program Looks Like - In the Front Office 

So that this program always remains effective and exclusive, we only offer it to one company per 250,000 population. While we are engaged with a contractor in that market, we will not consult or train another company in that market unless the population is greater than 250,000. We will "protect" your market for at least one year from the date of the class. There are specific requirements to this exclusive program. Call Dick Wagner for the details.

Location the Forum: - Fort Myers, FL (Near SWFL Intl Airport)