PLUMBING and HVAC Consulting

The specialized and narrowly targeted training course, "Soaring With Eagles" is uniquely designed to improve sales and profit.  This course is part of our HVAC, Plumbing and Mechanicals coaching and consulting, and usually presented on behalf of a restoration contractor.

"Soaring with Eagles" course is 8 hours and covers the following:


  •     Developing a Positive Customer Relationship
  •     How To Make the Best First Impression
  •     Giving Your Customer the Illusion of Control


  •     What to Say—What NOT to Say
  •     Up-selling Without Selling


  •     Reading and Qualifying the Customer
  •     Improving Your Closing Ratio
  •     Why Price Really Isn’t Their Main Concern
  •     Using Social Media to Get More Clients

Once Plumbers and Mechanicals companies attend the course, they ask for ongoing coaching to help them implement the new strategies they learned.

Since our consulting and training services are so in-depth and intensive specifically for each individual client, we do not accept clients within the same market as a current client. Further, the expectations of the client and the training by us do not always make for a perfect fit; therefore, we reserve the right to select our clients based on a detailed criteria.                            Call Dick Wagner  419-202-6745