8 Reasons To Refocus Your Marketing Efforts

You Might Need to Refocus Your Marketing Efforts

Your marketing program is probably out of whack.
It may sound overconfident on this blogger’s part to make this assumption, but let’s consider the facts: here you are, looking up blog posts on how to refocus your marketing. It may be a little forward to slap you with a bold assumption about your marketing, but the truth is that the vast majority of people who know that their marketing isn’t working, who buy books and read blogs on how to fix it, don’t bother to make the necessary steps to make their marketing work for them.

The end result is that their marketing remains an expense instead of an investment. Here are 8 reasons to refocus your marketing right now:

1. You Need an Objective
Some of us just keep making changes, seemingly, for the fun of making changes. Sometimes it’s not a total relaunch of our marketing campaigns that we need, but merely a little stability. It’s hard for your marketing team to stay focused if you keep giving them a different objective every morning.

2. You Need an AMP
An AMP is an Automated Marketing Plan. If you don’t have one of these, then it’s hard to stay focused, and you may want to consider rebuilding your marketing campaign around one.  It needs to be in writing, spelled out in great detail, and then a process to assure it is being followed. Dick Wagner is a specialist in AMP.

3. You Need A Coach
A Marketing Coach or Consultant can make the difference between getting where you need to go in your marketing efforts, and not. A blog post can only offer so much guidance. A good consultant can give you really good advice (and hold you accountable to the process) based on your specific situation.

4. What’s Your Value?
If your marketing efforts are not built around acknowledging and presenting the value that you give to the world, then you need to rebrand. Most business owners don’t realize that marketing has to be designed around the current culture and social attitudes.  Both are VERY different from what they were ten years ago.

5. You Need a Prospect Management System
It’s been said that nearly 100% of all major business owners spend money to collect data on their customers, but only around half use that data to improve their relationships with those customers. There are many different ones available and several are absolutely FREE!  Just ask me about them.

6. Turn Failures Into Opportunities
An unhappy customer is just a chance to show the world that you can make them happy.  It’s startling to learn how many “unhappy” customers are so easily turned into positive customers with just a little attention and respect.

7. Build Your Network
Sometimes all you need is a few more clients to spread the good word, a few friends in the industry to help you out. Develop these relationships.  don’t forget to ask people to refer and recommend you!

8. You’re Apathetic
Finally, perhaps the biggest and most common problem in marketing: Apathy. A refocus might be what you need to get yourself in gear.

This author is a specialist in helping contractors re-focus their marketing strategies to be more effective.  Totally new and different consumer and business attitudes and preferences have changed the way you have to do business, and if you don’t make the changes, you are going to be stuck behind the eight ball!

Dick Wagner is a Sales Coach and Commercial Marketing Consultant.  419-202-6745