You really need a “Response Team” that includes contractors and other resource support outside of your own office staff.

As more and more “smaller” contractors are tackling bigger commercial disaster projects, they often find themselves in over their head, and we are getting the panicked phone call.  Everyone wants to get and perform a large commercial disaster project, but most are completely unprepared to appropriately respond and handle the loss properly.

Even the restoration contractor that has lots of equipment and a skilled staff will find themselves needing outside equipment and manpower resources to have the real success they want.

Building relationships with contractors away from your immediate market area, but close enough that they could put a crew or two on the road to support you within a few hours should be a top priority for you.  This might include visiting them, laying out your strategies and the way your company operates, so there is a comfort level and a good measure of trust.

If you want to be one of the power brokers of the disaster recovery industry, you need to line up all your resources well ahead of the large commercial loss coming to you.  This includes other disaster contractors, water extraction (or carpet cleaners with truck mounts), and skilled labor-ready companies able to provide you with qualified laborers.

In addition, you need to get relationships set up with other vendors like portable equipment rental companies, large loss equipment rental suppliers, and especially those that can deliver, AND set-up, AND run large loss projects on your behalf.  Beware of the “chain” rental companies that really don’t have much equipment on hand, and force you to wait days while they truck it in from another region!

Just the ability to have someone else handle the administration, billing, staff hourly tracking, photo’s, and all the other critical documents required on a large loss will allow you to confidently take on big jobs, and get them completed successfully with timely payment. Most of you can achieve the mitigation portion fairly well, what most smaller (and some larger) contractors lack is doing the documentation timely and accurately, to satisfy the commercial property owner and the large loss adjuster.

Once you realize you cannot be an island, that you must depend on others if you want to do large loss projects, you will start dialing.

You can call me (Dick Wagner or Bill Giannone or Scott Tarpley) and many others that will provide you with great resource connections, so you can become a power broker as well.

Lastly, engage a specialized sales consultant, expert in identifying the right vertical markets, otherwise your efforts into the commercial world will likely be haphazard and less effective. Having the right commercial sales tools and training can make all the difference in your sales numbers and your profit.

Most contractors strive to be a significant player in the industry – most don’t know how to get into that position. This is what we do – daily! We can help.

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