Insurance Payments to the Insured

Have you heard these comments from your customers?

  • How much of the insurance money is mine for the loss at my place?
  • You are a company you can afford not to get paid.
  • I am not going to pay you.
  • Take me to court to collect the money.
  • The insurance company only pays the insured.
  • I think you are charging too much!

These questions and situations have happened to me many times in the business. How do you overcome these types of people? How do you get paid for your services rendered that you have completed? What tools are out there for the Service provider to help determine who is good and who is not?

Now there is a choice for Service Providers. has developed a business networking system with the tools provided to work out the issues and also to put those people on a list so other service providers do not come across the same individual. It is time we the business person get back what we are owed for the work we do. This is a Business Resource for Avoiding Customers Who Don’t Pay.

The Consumer has had many tools for years to post or comment against you why have we not had a tool? Now you have a choice. Know Your Customers can provide a solution for you please follow the link and see how this was developed with you the business owner in mind.
Please look at the FAQ’s and How it works to give you a better understanding.

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Note: This is a guest article written by John Covender, President and Founder of

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