Is Your Marketing Program Automatic?

The Automatic Marketing Program, (AMP) is a 20 step strategy to ensure you are maximizing every possibility to get more leads, more customers and more jobs.

Since the AMP class is an intense 7-hour training seminar, I’m not going to cover all twenty critical steps in the process. It would take fifty pages or more to cover it with any detail and I know you are not going to read fifty pages! I will, however, touch on some of the initial concepts to get you thinking about this in a more attentive manner.

CRM Database (and Maintenance of CRM).The first one (a CRM) should be the foundation of your sales and marketing efforts: If you are not actively using a customer relations management software such as ACT!, SalesForce, System100, or similar, the question arises… how do you effectively track your prospects and customers? How do you know who is “in the pipeline” as a possible prospect, or warm lead, or customer? How does your sales staff know when they last called on a prospect, what the prospect said, and when they should visit again? How do you track which customers have actually sent you work, and within what period of time? Simple details like their birthday or anniversary, when you visited last and when you should go back, what Maven Article you left with them on the previous visits. And much more.

By the way, most salespeople don’t want accountability. They will often fight against the use of a CRM, claiming it is extra work – hampering them from “being in the field” – doing what they do best (build relationships). Bottom line they are feeding you crap! It is extra work – that pays huge dividends – and as the owner/manager you should never let your salespeople bluff you with bogus excuses.

I could write a lengthy article on the importance of a CRM actively used and maintained, but this isn’t the place for it. Watch for future blog posts on the topic.

Direct Mail / eNewsletters. Although direct mail and even emailed newsletters have become less popular, the idea of regular reminders (the steady “drip, drip drip”) of a postcard mailer or an eNewsletter still works. It’s like the infamous Chinese water torture… it will eventually “get into your head.” Often, we choose not to open regular mail or emails simply because they don’t catch our eye, or worse, we have previously opened them and been disappointed or even annoyed.

If you are going to use this type of “drip, drip, drip” marketing effort as part of an overall campaign, you absolutely must have useful helpful interesting information. Complete self-promotion isn’t going to get it. The traditional promo style for the last 100 years has been promoting your business services or products. Today, if you plan to get and keep interested prospects and customers, you had better make it all about them, not about you! eNewsletter services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Boomerang, or Stream Send are just a few that you can use and they are very inexpensive. Your subject line, as well as the content within the page, must be compelling or they will send it to spam and never look at your newsletter again.

SMS – Text Message Marketing. This is relatively new to the marketing world but has fast proven to be extremely valuable in getting the immediate word out in a fast, simple and inexpensive manner. The best part is 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes of being sent, unlike emails which have a much lower open rate. If a tornado is imminent, sub-zero temperatures are forecast or some other event, you can send a text message out within minutes to select or the entire cell phone database you have assembled from numerous sources.

One of the best ways to start building your database of cell numbers for SMS is from the cell numbers on all your cell phones. Another great and easy way to build a database is by having an SMS entry box on your website, where they can enter their number and it will automatically put it into your own database. For those of you that are hesitant or even skeptical, people receiving the SMS can Opt-in or Opt-out, so if they don’t want to get your messages, they can easily stop them.

Text messaging is just another way to get the word out and if done correctly, can be a huge value to creating the right visibility and exposure for your company.

I’ve listed the first three key segments of the Automatic Marketing Program (AMP) to give you an idea of what the possibilities are. Here are a few others that are discussed in-depth in the AMP seminar: Quality Assurance Survey System, Active Referral System, Cold Call Visits, Resource Material Creation /Distribution, Weekly Blog Articles, and many more.
I hope you will join us at the next AMP It Up seminar – be sure to watch the Events Calendar for seminar dates and locations!

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