SEO Scams and Intimidation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies:

are engaging in a massive marketing effort to promote their services to every company that has a website.  I teach Social Media Courses for several different industries, and many have attended these classes.  During these classes, I’m always asked: “should I hire an SEO company?”  My answer has always been a loud “NO.” (Then I add, “you can do this organically for free!”)

First, if you follow a very simple process on your own, you can dramatically improve your page ranking WITHOUT hiring it out. and more importantly, many SEO companies (probably most) love to give you all the hype about how they will improve your page ranking, but fail to tell you that if you want to discontinue their services, they’ll trash you all over the web!

Former SEO customers are finding out the hard way about the vengeful ruthless way many SEO companies either force you to continue with them by intimidation, threats, or even blackmail.  They can falsely “report” you on sites as a dead-beat, they can falsely “review” you on referral and review pages and say all kinds of nasty things about you. Even worse, if they have been remotely successful at improving your name and page ranking, now your “bad” reviews show up first – ultimately hurting you more than if you never had a great page ranking.

Often, you choose to cancel them because you don’t or can’t pay for it anymore.  The likelihood that you can afford the $10,000 to $100,000 in legal fees to fight them is even more remote. (There isn’t any other way to go after them!)

Even though there are legitimate SEO companies out there, the challenge is to truly know which ones they are. Someone that is using one of those companies now may not know if they are legit until they try to cancel the relationship! The best way to choose one, (if you really aren’t willing or able to do it yourself) is to hire someone that you know personally or get a recommendation from someone that previously used them, had good success, AND professionally ended the relationship!

Hiring an SEO company will only be effective while they are actually promoting your site.  Once they stop, the rankings begin to fall.  When you develop your own SEO process, utilizing a Blog, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, you can easily improve your SEO ranking yourself.

Editors note:  Today I was talking with a new client – starting the process of building a new website for them, and he told me an amazing story about the SEO / Website designer / Socia Media company that also hosts his website!  He advised them that he was hiring someone else to build a new website and they would also be taking over the Social Media postings. The current company threatened him, refused to give them the user name and passwords to the various sites, and promised to trash them on the many Review sites.  BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE TO HANDLE YOUR WEBSITE, BLOGSITE, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND SEO! You could get burned.

Dick Wagner is a Sales Coach and Commercial Marketing Consultant.  419-202-6745