Stand Out in a Crowd of Competitors

They shouldn’t have to ask “what makes you different.”

As a business owner it can sometimes seem like everyone has decided to become your competition, not only that each day more and more competitors seem to appear and grow stronger. The reality is: the more competition, the more your services are in demand!

Understand Your Audience (Know Your Prospect and Customer)

Many of the articles I’ve written on the topic of marketing are about knowing and understanding your audience. It is the key to marketing success, yet many of the people reading this will simply ignore this basic concept. If you can’t “speak their language” then you don’t know enough about your client to be of significant value to them. You need to know what concerns and problems they have and how you can provide solutions that make good business sense to BOTH of you. Not being able to “speak their language” is like being a minister in church speaking English to an audience that only speaks and understands German! How effective do you think your sermon will be? A sales presentation should be like a conversation, a two-way process where you both speak the same language.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

One of the very best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors is to be thought of as the go-to expert. Often, experts don’t have formal certification declaring them as experts; it is simply based on their knowledge and expertise as perceived by their audience. Most of us don’t realize when a politician says “it” over and over and over, he’s doing the equivalent of convincing you he is an expert in whatever he is saying. Many times, just being a problem solver creates the impression that you are an expert.

Create a Sought-after Brand Online

Your website, your social media accounts and all your face-to-face marketing should speak the same message continuously, showing your prospects and customers that your name and message is synonymous with the expert perception you want the world to recognize in you.

Your Website Must Connect With Your Audience!

It’s not a secret that websites are NOT created equal. Experts in this field estimate approximately eighty percent of websites fail to deliver a meaningful return on investment and so many businesses buy poorly performing good looking websites that are launched and expected to start generating results. Connecting with your audience is vital if you want your presentation to be successful. You can have all the information in the world to impart, but unless you can connect with your audience you may as well stand up and sing ‘Smoke on the water’.

Many website owners are under the mistaken belief that “if you build it – they will come.” This reactive form of marketing is rather like sticking your head in the sand, hoping good things will happen without your effort! Google is NOT sitting there waiting to send customers to your website just because they think your site looks nice.

Blog Regularly

I’ve been telling audiences this for more than seven years… blogging regularly should be the foundation of your online success. I personally post regularly to and several other websites. This amount of activity generates many unique visitors per month and page views each month. Additionally, this content is also promoted via social media and has helped me to establish a following on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, with leads and customers being generated every month.

We can successfully replicate this for Disaster Recovery and HVAC/Plumbing service businesses (and many other trade service businesses) with original content marketing so your online presence will be valued and appreciated.

Author: Dick Wagner, National Sales Coach, and Commercial Marketing Consultant