Commercial Restoration Sales Training

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If there is one thing we’ve learned about restoration sales and marketing is that there’s a huge difference between visiting insurance agents, calling on plumbers, and building a commercial property portfolio for your disaster recovery business.

Marketers visiting insurance agents or plumbers are hoping for a fairly immediate lead or referral of a job. There is a specific strategy to achieve that.  Building a commercial portfolio of clients that own and managed commercial buildings is an entirely different strategy.  It requires a lot of time, a methodical process, and a tangible current and relevant pre-disaster program.

More than a dozen years ago we formally began offering what has become the only complete and relevant pre-disaster program to contractors (PREP™), after developing it and “selling it” to commercial end-users in the early 2000’s. Today, with hundreds of contractors around the country offering the PREP™ program, and thousands of end-users signed up as clients of these contractors, we are very pleased with the program.

Commercial restoration sales training is a given if you plan to embark on your own program (or use PREP™) to build your own powerful pre-disaster system and strategy. Most training for commercial work is focused on the Production and Administration of commercial work. The only complete and effective commercial restoration sales training classes are taught by yours truly (and yes, I am rather biased).

If you want a powerful and successful training program, it’s quite simple: you need to call me today.  419-202-9745    

(I’ll only offer this class to one contractor in your market. Either you – or your competitor).

Looking forward to your call… 419-202-6745


By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC                           

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

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