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I’ve worked with hundreds of marketers over the past dozen years, and there is one important thing I’ve learned. Everyone benefits from coaching, and yet almost everyone lacks the sales and marketing skills for 2020 and the coming decade. Most are caught up in trying to do it the way it was done in 1990 or 2000. The world has dramatically changed and so have marketing strategies. What salespeople and marketing reps did – and did OK ten years ago – are NO LONGER an acceptable or effective process.


About 12 years ago, (ok maybe 15), websites were designed to provide lots of good technical and product details. Salespeople provided critical product and services info and the better they were, the more they sold. You can now throw that entire strategy out the window. Today, the salesperson (or marketer) isn’t bringing volumes of technical info – the consumer has already Googled the info, read it, and researched it.

Salespeople now must understand the customers pains, speak to their emotions, tell stories that make the consumer the hero, and actively engage them on social media. It’s now important to segment your client and prospect base in your CRM so that you can reach people and engage them on their terms. Your CRM data is now unbelievably valuable. Social media plays a huge part in the new selling world, so don’t overlook it.


What we have learned over the past dozen or so years is that as the consumer changes, as society and buying culture changes, so must the salespeople trying to reach that audience. It was recently stated by a national research group, that 75% of the workforce will be Millennials within the next few years! Those older are often struggling with “doing it the way it needs to be done today.” It’s no surprise, almost everyone reading this is reluctant to make changes. We get comfortable. We’ve been taught a certain way 15 or 20 or 30 years ago, and it’s EXCEEDINGLY difficult to adapt a new selling approach – but it is vital to your continued success.

As we coach several dozen marketers weekly, one thing that’s obvious to us; millennials are far more willing to learn and apply new sales processes. Maybe it’s because that’s how they do things, so it’s easier to embrace today’s selling methods.


It constantly amuses us when we hear about the “rah, rah, rah, – boom, boom, boom pump it up – fist in the air – motivational seminars. They may get the adrenaline flowing during these seminars, but we’ve learned those experiences don’t last. A week after they’ve attended some high-energy emotional event – they are back to their old self.

We don’t provide “motivational training” for this very reason. It doesn’t last. Our approach is to start with the basics of today’s marketing and sales strategies, and building upon those, as we add in additional powerful selling techniques that work today. Below is a short list of the kinds of topics we teach in our training classes:

  • Ways to prioritize and qualify prospects
  • How to get to the decisionmaker
  • Understanding and using a Summary Move (elevator pitch)
  • Storytelling as a powerful strategy
  • Listening and repeating prospect comments
  • Why and How to ASK for the sale
  • Create a strong personal brand
  • And much more for the millennial

Since most of our class attendees are marketing to Insurance Agents and Plumbers, (also GC’s and Carpet Cleaners) much of our focus is on helping the marketer take advantage of this new-world mindset. It’s far more important to do it effective with quality, rather than the shotgun approach of quantity.

We also teach a separate class for those selling a pre-disaster plan (PREP™) to other verticals: Nursing Homes, Schools, Hotels, Factories, Banks, Property Management) to name a few. There is an extremely specific, strict selling process to effectively sell a pre-disaster plan to these vertical. Most salespeople barge in the front door, leave a brochure and their business card, and roll back out the door. STOP DOING THAT! You are destroying your best opportunities for repeat commercial work.

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC                         

 Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program


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Restoration Sales Coaching

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The best, brightest and most athletic – all need and work with coaches and trainers to help themselves perfect their skills. It’s no wonder there are so many contractors hiring for restoration sales coaching. Today, more than ever in history, sales and marketing people need an edge or differentiator to help them overcome the staggering amount of competition they face every day.

Restoration sales coaching and training is one of the best ways to be at the top of your game, while at the same time out-smarting competitors and refining your personal brand. With billions of people, millions of businesses, and tens of thousands of restoration contractors – if you don’t seek, get, and learn how to get a jump on the competition, you can expect to be behind the eight ball.

It’s been said that if you are “standing still,” in fact you are going backwards. Our world and society are moving so fast today, with business moving at the speed of light, you must invest in the RIGHT strategies and training to be sure you are staying ahead of the game. In a recent book I read, the author pointed out that not only have the rules of the game changed, but, in fact the game itself is dramatically different that it was just five years ago!

I interview many potential hires for the sales/marketing position around the country (this is a service I do at no charge for my clients), and there are several considerations I factor into the interview: First— do they bring “baggage” with them of old sales strategies?, Second— are they coachable – willing to learn new ideas?, Third— do they have the right attitude?  It’s no secret that you can train for skills IF they have the right attitude.

Restoration sales coaching is a critical and important part of getting up to speed and staying up to speed. Good coaching is based on the specific needs and desires of the contractor, the community where they work, and the personal style of the salespeople and marketers. We take all those factors into account and tailor a custom program to enhance both the marketer and the strength of the contractor.

We welcome your call today – let’s see if there is a fit!

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC                             

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Owner of blog


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Developing good habits and changing or eliminating bad habits at times seems like it requires a herculean effort, but if the habits they have are not ideal, it’s necessary to help them learn new and better ones. This is one reason sales coaches interact regularly with sellers. Salespeople will be much more likely to stay on task if the coach regularly talks with them about their successes and failures, and ways to change for the better. Continue reading “What Should You Expect From A Sales Coach?”

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