Unleashing Creativity

Simple and effective ways to Becoming a Creative Thinker and Manifesting Creativity

Creativity is a useful and needed force that exists within every person, just waiting to be awakened and harnessed. It is not a trait reserved for artists or inventors; but it’s a skill that can be cultivated and nurtured by anyone willing to begin the journey of creative thinking. I’m going to talk about some of the great ways you can be a creative thinker and offers some simple insights on how to become a creative thinker and, therefore, demonstrate creativity in many aspects of life.

We really need to understand exactly what Creative Thinking is.

Well, creative thinking is more than the ability to generate novel ideas; it’s a mindset that embraces curiosity, open-mindedness, and the willingness to explore unconventional paths. To be a creative thinker, you have to break free from the limitations of traditional thinking and view problems and challenges from different perspectives. This involves questioning assumptions, challenging norms, and being open to the possibility that there may be multiple solutions to a single problem.

And yes, there are 3 clear and straight forward ways to cultivate the Seeds of Creativity.

First is to Embrace Curiosity:

At the heart of creative thinking lies a deep sense of curiosity. Cultivate this curiosity by asking questions, seeking new experiences, and supporting an unquenchable appetite for learning. Curiosity sparks the imagination and pushes the mind to explore uncharted territories, nurturing the foundation of creative thinking.

Second is to Promote an Open Mind:

Creativity flourishes in an environment that welcomes diverse ideas and perspectives. Open-mindedness allows for the acceptance of different viewpoints, breaking down mental barriers that inhibit creative thinking. Engage with people from various backgrounds, read widely, and expose yourself to different cultures to broaden your perspectives. We’ve become a society of narrow – or – closed minded people.

And Third… Develop a Growth Mindset:

A growth mindset is essential for welcoming challenges and seeing failures as opportunities to learn and grow. Creative thinking often involves taking risks and pushing boundaries, and a growth mindset encourages resilience in the face of setbacks, enabling the continuous development of creative skills.


Here are Practical Strategies for Creative Thinking:

An often misunderstood concept is Mind Mapping.

Visualize your thoughts and ideas through mind mapping. Start with a central concept and branch out into related ideas, creating a visual representation of the interconnectedness of your thoughts. The more you branch out and let your mind wander in new directions, they more creative you become. This technique helps in generating new ideas and identify potential solutions by exploring many different associations.

You’ve heard the saying “think outside the box” that’s Divergent Thinking.

Challenge yourself to think different by generating a multitude of ideas, even those that may seem oddball, inappropriate, or unconventional at first. Quantity often paves the way for quality in the creative process. Set aside and stop judging during the initial brainstorming phase to allow for the free flow of ideas.

Don’t accept limits or restrictions. Embrace Constraints:

Ironically, constraints can be catalysts for creativity. Instead of viewing limitations as obstacles, see them as parameters that prompt innovative solutions. Constraints force the mind to think outside the box, pushing creativity to new heights.


Be willing to Exhibit Creativity

Establish a Creative Routine – sort of like “getting in the mood.”

Creativity thrives on consistency. Set aside dedicated time each day or week for creative pursuits. Whether it’s writing, drawing, or experimenting with new ideas, having a routine creates a conducive environment for the creative mind to flourish. This could even include a dedicated time each day or week – uninterrupted to “think differently,” or even take a walk, or read something that you don’t normally read.

Include trusted advisors and Collaborate and Share your ideas.

Engage in collaborative efforts and share your ideas with others (at least those you trust completely). Shared situations provide a wealth of perspectives, producing new insights and refining creative concepts. Constructive feedback and opposite viewpoints often contribute to the development of creative ideas.

Becoming a creative thinker and unleashing creativity is an ever-changing journey that requires dedication, an open mind, and a commitment to continuous growth. By embracing curiosity, cultivating a growth mindset, and employing practical strategies, you can tap into your innate creative potential. The ability to think creatively not only enhances problem-solving skills but also enriches the direction of your life, nurturing a mindset that strives for innovation and embraces the boundless possibilities of your creative spirit.


By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program

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