Risk Planning (and Emergency Response Planning) is a very broad topic and can be quite complicated. 

Many disaster restoration and emergency response contractors offer an easier way for facilities to have a Priority Response Emergency Plan (PREP) in place for little or no cost. In a rapidly changing and closely interconnected world, you need to have a Priority Response Emergency Plan in place. Be sure the contractor you choose to help you with your Emergency Response Plan is absolutely qualified and able to support you when you need them most! DID YOU KNOW THAT MORE THAN 50% OF THOSE COMPANIES THAT SUSTAIN A MAJOR DISASTER, NEVER RE-OPEN FOR BUSINESS – if they did not have a PREP established!


I know many qualified contractors around the U.S. and am happy to recommend one to you so you can get a PREP Plan in place quickly! Email me at [email protected]

Those tasked with disaster planning should ask hard questions of any tapped resource:

  • Is it reliable? Does the material offer value to practitioners in public policy, finance, safety, security, insurance, etc? Do the authors know what they are talking about?
  • Is it easy to access? Is the writing free from the business jargon and clichés clogging our communication channels? Clarity of expression is essential.
  • What is its cost, if any? Are its issues and conditions up-to-date? Does it have timeless qualities that give it permanent value?
  • Do they have a “Job Ticket” reporting website, so I can get a fast response?
  • Is it concerned with both strategic and tactical issues? Does it address my particular problems and, at the same time, the larger issues of my own and other organizations?
  • Can I depend on the Disaster Response Contractor to be there when I need them and are they qualified to help me?

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