Have A Logical Reason To Visit

You should never just stop by to check in with them, or because you were in the neighborhood.


In the competitive landscape of business, every interaction holds significant value, and each decision must be grounded in logic and validity. This principle is particularly crucial when it comes to visiting a prospect or client. The days of casual or arbitrary client visits are long gone, replaced by a more strategic and purpose-driven approach. In today’s business conditions, having a logical and valid business reason to visit a prospect or client is not just a best practice; it is a fundamental condition for success.

A logical and valid business reason ensures that the visit is purposeful and aligned with the overall strategic objectives of your company. In a world where time is a precious commodity, any endeavor that demands the attention of key decision-makers must have a clear and compelling rationale. Whether it’s to discuss a specific project, address a critical issue, or explore new opportunities, a well-defined business reason establishes the legitimacy of the visit and sets the stage for meaningful engagement. In our Restoration Marketing Class (RMS), we teach the Logical Business Reason (LBR) strategy because we’ve learned that just dropping by, or were in the neighborhood, or wanting to drop off donuts is wasted effort.

Also, having a valid business reason demonstrates respect for the client’s time and resources. Clients are inundated with various demands on their schedules, and an unplanned or frivolous visit can be perceived as an imposition. By articulating a logical purpose for the visit, marketers convey a sense of professionalism and consideration, reinforcing the idea that their engagement is a valuable investment rather than an interruption.

A logical and valid business reason also enhances the effectiveness of the visit by providing a framework for the discussion. It promises that the meeting is focused, productive, and directly contributes to the shared objectives of both parties. This level of deliberateness not only streamlines the interaction but also showcases the assurance of the visiting party to creating tangible outcomes from the engagement. As marketers, you’re never going to get a referral to a loss by trivial visits.

Additionally, a well-justified business reason serves as a key component of relationship-building. In the realm of business, we know that relationships are the bedrock of success. Clients and prospects appreciate transparency and honesty. When a marketer provides a clear and justified reason for a visit, it helps build trust and strengthens the foundation of the relationship. This, in turn, paves the way for future teamwork and establishes the visiting party as a reliable and credible partner.

Plus, in the context of sales and business development, a logical and valid business reason is a powerful tool for overcoming objections and resistance. When clients or prospects question the necessity of a visit, being armed with a well-defined purpose allows the salesperson to address concerns persuasively. They salesperson or marketer can already be prepared with answers, thereby having summary moves all planned out. It transforms the visit from a mere formality to a strategic move that aligns with the client’s needs and aspirations. (If you don’t know what a Summary Move is, call me).

The need to have a logical and valid business reason to visit a prospect is not merely a guideline but a strategic necessity. It underlines the seriousness of the visit or interaction, respects the valuable resource of time, enhances the effectiveness of interactions, contributes to relationship-building, and overcomes potential objections.

In the current business landscape, where every action must be purpose-driven, having a compelling business reason for each client visit is a symbol of success and an indication that the marketer or salesperson has their act together, prepared to function effectively in the 2020 decade.


By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program

Owner of AskDickWagner.com BLOG


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