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The best, brightest, and most athletic – all need and work with coaches and trainers to help themselves perfect their skills. It’s no wonder there are so many contractors hiring restoration marketing coaches. Today, more than ever in history, sales and marketing people need an edge or differentiator to help them overcome the staggering amount of competition they face every day.

Restoration marketing coaching and training are one of the best ways to be at the top of your game, while at the same time outsmarting competitors and refining your personal brand. With billions of people, millions of businesses, and tens of thousands of restoration contractors – if you don’t seek, get, and learn how to get a jump on the competition, you can expect to be behind the eight ball.

It’s been said that if you are “standing still,” in fact you are going backward. Our world and society are moving so fast today, with business moving at the speed of light, you must invest in the RIGHT strategies and training to be sure you are staying ahead of the game. In a recent book I read, the author pointed out that not only have the rules of the game changed but, in fact, the game itself is dramatically different than it was just five years ago!

I interview many potential hires for marketing positions around the country (this is a service I do at no charge for my clients), and there are several considerations I factor into the interview: First— do they bring “baggage” with them of old sales strategies?  Second— are they coachable – willing to learn new ideas? Third— do they have the right attitude?  It’s no secret that you can train for skills IF they have the right attitude.

Restoration marketer coaching is a critical and important part of getting up to speed and staying up to speed. Good coaching is based on the specific needs and desires of the contractor, the community where they work, and the personal style of the salespeople and marketers. We take all those factors into account and tailor a custom program to enhance both the marketer and the strength of the contractor.

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By Dick Wagner

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