What Makes A Marketer Really Productive?

Aside from management wanting their marketer to be really productive, the challenge is always for the marketer to generate referrals to the tune of about $1mil each year. We work with many marketers that do this and what it takes is determination, passion to succeed, and working with a quality coach each week.

When you think about it, a marketer that generates even a half million dollars a year, is bringing in profit of around $250k or more.  A good, qualified marketing coach or advisor will cost you about $20k each year. Not a bad trade off of cost vs profit! In reality, your marketer should be coachable to generate closer to a million dollars – going into year two.

So, What Makes A Marketer Productive?

There are numerous things that help make a marketer productive and generate good revenue for your firm.

First and foremost, simply put good marketers are strategic with their time and resources. Good marketers are important because they help businesses create long-lasting and profitable relationships with their clients. Good marketers know how to navigate the nuances of a changing field, (and the restoration field IS changing). They have to manage different aspects of marketing and understand how those aspects interact. We can develop these characteristics and the many other skills that make a good marketer with practice and work experience.

Here’s a short list of things to look for, when hiring a marketer:

  • They need to be focused,
  • Be good at active listening,
  • Be good at storytelling,
  • Know their customers and markets,
  • Show good time management skills,
  • Manage large workloads,
  • Create memorable client experiences,
  • Understand their competitors,
  • Set clear and actionable goals,
  • Be able to adapt to changing client needs,
  • Have good observational skills,
  • Be accountable to themselves and the company,
  • Readily complete daily and weekly reports,
  • Track activity in a CRM,
  • Willing to accept a lot of rejection,
  • Understand and use social media,
  • Have good communication and computer skills,
  • Work with management to set goals and targets,
  • Know how to nurture relationships,
  • Develop a “trusted advisor” or Maven strategy.
  • Have a desire to keep learning new marketing strategies,


I’ve listed a lot of items that marketers must be good at – or at least be willing to perform! All too often, several of these on the list don’t exist with the marketer, and we have to teach them each of those things. Take the item “willing to accept rejection,” if they can’t hear a “NO” graciously, and realize it’s probably not directed at them personally then they aren’t the right candidate for the position.

Most marketers don’t know exactly what their role and responsibilities are, and certainly don’t know how to interact and engage their “internal” staff. I’m specifically talking about ALL the employees in the firm.  If you don’t have believability and credibility, you aren’t going to build vital relationships – which are based on trust.

Humans can’t actually multitask. We think we can, but we can’t. We can only focus on one thing at a time. What we mean by multitasking is focusing on one thing for a period of time (as needed), then on another and another, etc. When you hear someone saying they are multi-tasking, they’re hurting themselves and you. Marketers should schedule time for performing certain tasks. If marketers get “caught up” in doing considerable admin type projects then either you’re dumping the wrong things on them, or they prefer to be behind the safety of a desk.

Great marketers construct their marketing strategy around client needs, and one way you can recognize these needs is by producing a customer persona. This persona tells you how, when, and where to impart your target audience.

As marketers, we all work hard to relationships for our owner or client, but it can be tough to stay on top of everything we are accountable for. Luckily, there are a few modest tools you can use to be an extra productive marketer and use your schedule much more effectively. Regardless of which of these methods work for you, by applying these approaches and suggestions to your workload, you will see more productivity and improved task completion on many levels.

By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program

Owner of AskDickWagner.com BLOG


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