Route Marketing is Dead!

Dick Wagner wrote this article for R & R Magazine as a Web Exclusive 

altIs the era of effective route marketing to insurance agents over? Marketing reps have been marketing to (or attempting) to develop relationships with insurance agents for years with varying degrees of success. The consensus was that insurance agents and brokers could or would refer property losses directly to the mitigation or restoration contractor. For many years this did happen, and many contractors received a lot of work and relied heavily on those referrals for their existence.

Traditional insurance route marketing usually goes like this: the contractor rep spends his/her day stopping at 15 - 20 or 25 agents in a given territory, dropping off magnets, cookies, a little bagful of goodies, a business card, or sometimes even literature and marketing materials. Then they roll to the next stop on their list. This Stop, Drop and Roll method of marketing is probably the least effective way to market but sadly is the way most “marketing reps” perform the process. Since insurance agencies are open to the public, much like a store, they are easy targets for every salesman and marketing rep that cares to walk in...

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