The following are brief overviews of some of the classes offered by Dick Wagner:

SOARING WITH EAGLES (specialized plumber course) $1495 per event (7 hours)

This course is usually sold to Restoration Contractors that want to invite Plumbers to the all-day event to create value and get relationships built or enhanced with Plumbers.


  • Developing a Positive Customer Relationship
  • How To Make the Best First Impression
  • Giving Your Customer the Illusion of Control


    • What to Say—What NOT to Say
    • Up-selling Without Selling
      • Reading and Qualifying the Customer
      • Improving Your Closing Ratio
      • Why Price Really Isn’t Their Main Concern

RAMP IT UP NOW (3-day Commercial Marketing course) ($4,995 per company)* or $1995pp)


Major Industry Shifts Happening Now & How to Build a Commercial Customer Base

    • Dramatic changes happening RIGHT NOW in the insurance claims industry
    • Why and how residential water losses are being eliminated, fast!
    • Why and How to Target Commercial clients
    • How to identify the prospects you want to go after and get in front of them
    • Developing a Targeted Differentiation Strategy

Collaboration Sales & Marketing Skills for Sales Staff

      • What to say, and NOT say! Fatal words and phrases – and how to avoid them
      • Why and how to use Power questions that make your client want to do business with you!
      • Understand and learn why and how to use Collaboration Marketing
      • Why traditional literature may no longer be appropriate for successful marketing
      • Developing Differentiation and Personal Branding


How to Use Social Media to Get Leads, Referrals and Valuable Contacts

      • Stats on the real Social Media Marketing world
      • Social Media for Restoration Contractors wanting to do commercial work
      • Utilizing Blogs, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to get warm leads and customers
      • Learn how to take advantage of QR Codes & Text Message Marketing
      • Learn how to improve SEO organically (without paying!)

Social Media for Insurance Agents (7 hours) $1495 per event

Available exclusively to contractors to offer to insurance agents in their market. This is a hands-on program of why and how to use Social Media. Workshop to create and maintain their Social Media business accounts. (This class is for any insurance agent or agency).

Who should attend this 8-hour course?

    • Small business owners and managers
    • Those that want to improve their SEO ranking without paying an SEO company thousands of dollars per month
    • Those that want to get direct business from FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other SM site
    • Those who already have Social Media accounts but are struggling with the best way to use them for business
    • Those that want to learn about Text Message Marketing, QR codes and more
    • Website owners that want to make their website mobile search friendly


  • Why and How to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Alerts, QR Codes and Blogs to dramatically increase your business opportunities.
  • We’ll show you how to jump the gate and get in front of the people you want to do business with!

THIS IS A HANDS-ON COURSE WITH WORKSHOP. You will be able to create Social Media Accounts and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will learn the step – by – step process to effectively use these valuable tools! Several past attendees have generated almost immediate new business from the special tools and help they received from the class and my on-going consulting!

Getting Through The Gate – (7 hours) $495pp

This is a specialized sales & marketing course specifically aimed at helping marketers:

  • Get past the gatekeeper
  • Getting the appointments you want
  • How to build credibility and trust
  • What to say to reduce their feeling of Risk
  • Asking the right questions / getting the right answers
  • Learning the Pains of your prospects
  • How to utilize resource documents

Metaphorically Selling (Sales/Marketing) $495 per person). (3 hours)
This course is intended to help sales & marketing staff have a significantly better closing rate, by getting doors opened and objections eliminated.

  • Understanding how Words matter
  • How to make the selling words visual and graphics
  • Selling to Left brain or Right brain people styles
  • Find and overcome their “blind spot”
  • How to create effective metaphors for selling
  • NOTE: This course is available as a webinar for $99 per person

Automatic Marketing Program (AMP) (via webinar – $199 for the 4 segments… 7-hour course)
TheAutomatic Marketing Program, (AMP) is a 20 step strategy to ensure you are maximizing every possibility to get more leads, more customers and more jobs. Here is a partial list of what is covered in great detail:

  • CRM Database Maintenance
  • Direct Mail
  • Text Message Marketing (SMS)
  • Quality Assurance Survey System
  • Active Referral System
  • Testimonials Collection and Presentation

All material is copyrighted and or registered. No courses can be copied, shared or presented without written permission. Sharing the material with those that have NOT attended my programs is prohibited.
Travel expenses will be added to the course fee.

*So that this program always remains effective and exclusive, we only offer it to one company per 250,000 population. While we are engaged with a contractor in that market, we will not consult or train another company in that market unless the population is greater than 250,000. There must be an on-going consulting agreement. There are specific other requirements to this program, including a one-year exclusive. Call Dick Wagner for the details.