Contractors Struggling With Status Quo

When contractors call me seeking my business coaching assistance, we engage in a conversation that gives me the opportunity to understand their situation. At the same time, they can determine whether they think I make sense and know about that of which I write and preach.

Then, dependent upon my understanding of their situation, I inform them of the methods I can show them to attain their differentiation and hopefully open up a completely new vertical market opportunity.

But, since they are the ones who must run their business I always emphasize they have the responsibility to heed, understand and properly implement the processes and methods I show them.

The concepts and methods for getting commercial disaster work that I teach can help you dramatically improve your results and attain the differentiation and sales advantage by addressing the following realities with common sense and mathematical correctness.

Restoration contractors call because they have come to the realization they are doing something wrong and are not satisfied with the results their business or salespeople are delivering. Most are not content because they are not building a solid new book of long term commercial business.

In turn, their ability to earn a proper profit above their cost is diminished to a level of non-existence.  The cause of this problem is failing to realize that the traditional residential water loss jobs are “drying up.”  This is simply because the insurance industry is squeezing out those smaller “bread and butter” jobs you used to get.  They are doing it in many ways, but one big way is to raise deductibles above the typical cost of a small water loss!

To further exacerbate your sales problems, you allow fear to control the way you manage your business rather than controlling the fear and operating the sales side of the business in an intelligent manner which offers a huge opportunity to succeed – profitably!

That fear causes you to act foolishly. Often, you copy the erroneous procedures of your competition who are ignorant when it comes to proper business sales management.

I have yet to meet a contractor calling for my assistance who does not have some trepidation at the prospect of changing his/her sales strategies and business’ modus operandi. Fear is very powerful and ambiguous. It can steer you in the right direction toward success because of fear of losing money. Or, it can take you down the road to failure when fear controls you instead of you controlling it, and, you fear losing work more than losing money.

When you are not content with your business results, logic dictates you must change your ways if you want to change the results you get from your business. After all, repeating the same methods and expecting different results is surely a sign of foolishness. To change so you can improve your business results you must address certain realities about what is really happening in the disaster recovery industry.

The sales strategies and methods for the restoration business that I preach can significantly help you improve your results and attain your sales advantage by addressing the following realities with common sense and financial logic.

If you have been barely holding your own against the competition, or worse – been losing ground, we need to talk. It might just be time to start a new strategy and go after the highly profitably large commercial loss jobs.

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