Your Marketing Program Needs Work

Yes, it’s very likely!  It may sound overconfident on this blogger’s part to make this assumption, but let’s consider the facts: here you are, looking up blog posts on how to freshen up your marketing. Very possibly your gut tells you that what you’ve been doing for the past several years might not be working anymore!

The truth is that the vast majority of people who know that their marketing isn’t working, who buy books and read blogs on how to fix it, don’t bother to take the necessary steps to make their marketing work for them in the 2020 decade and beyond. The end result is that their marketing remains an expense instead of an investment.

Here are 4 simple reasons to refocus and adjust your marketing right now:

  1. You Need an Objective

Some of us just keep making changes, seemingly, for the fun of making changes. Sometimes it’s not a total relaunch of our marketing campaigns that are needed, but simply a little stability and tracking. Your marketing team won’t stay focused if you keep giving them a different objective every morning. Hopefully, you put your needed changes in writing – spelling out the details of your new plan. Each and every key manager and marketer should have a copy.

  1. You Need an SMP

A Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) is about using today’s tools and putting your marketing plan in writing. It should include calendar items as well as those marketing efforts that produce the highest ROI in 2023 and beyond. A whiteboard works well for identifying on a calendar when these things are scheduled.  You even need a “drop dead date” listed so you get everything in place before it is to happen.

  1. You Need A Coach

A Business Coach (or qualified Marketing Coach) can make the difference between getting where you need to go in your marketing efforts, and not. In a blog post like this can only offer so much guidance. A coach can give you advice based on your specific situation and what’s happening in 2023. There are dozens of “coaches” available, but you need to be sure they aren’t just giving you some one-size-fits-all strategy – especially since your business and region are unique to you and your company!

  1. You Need a Client Management System

It’s been said that nearly 100% of all major business owners spend money to collect data on their customers, but only around half use that data to improve their relationships with those customers. Please use a robust CRM and then spend time reviewing the trends and data! Be careful that you don’t fall for the CRM that has so many bells and whistles that you and your staff cannot understand it. There is a lot of fairly simple (and inexpensive) software available to you.  We use

And find it easy to use, giving us what we need for about $15/month per user.

Author:  Dick Wagner, Co-founder of the CREST Network

Dick Wagner is a Nationally recognized marketing coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program

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