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The explosion of online social media has revolutionized the way people interact in the world, and even more significantly, it is reinventing the way businesses reach their customers. The frequency, tone, style, and engagement of business marketing is so dramatically changed that it has required a completely new mindset.

During my years of coaching marketing people, I am often told by a marketer that they are “old school” and prefer to stay that way because that has always worked for them.  (They were probably high-pressure salespeople back then). They don’t want to hear the world has changed. They don’t want to be told the way they used to sell won’t work very well today. They’ve spent 20 – 30  years selling a certain way, and quite likely during that time in the ’70s through the ’90s, they did OK or even very well. “Old school” is all they know, and they aren’t motivated to change. Little do they know that isn’t going to fly today.

Doesn’t Work Today

I’ve gone on sales visits with many of these old-timers in the past few years and was appalled at their approach and their interaction with prospects. One of them told a dirty joke (of sexual nature) to a group of ladies in an insurance office. Another tried the “Carnegie” approach of forcing his high-pressure style on several 20 and 30-something men. You could tell by the looks on their faces they were disgusted by the brazen, in-your-face, pushy style.

Salespeople looking to enter the marketplace today need to understand that much of what they do will utilize online platforms. It is critical for them to understand how to effectively exploit numerous social media platforms because these platforms are what the world prefers and is using to engage. Developing prospects, finding good leads, creating credibility, and building your personal brand have now become a major part of the sales and marketing activity using social media. The simple social media tips below will help you better identify and connect with customers, build your personal brand, enhance your credibility, and generate interest in your products and services.

Build Personal Brand Identity in Blogs: Personal brand awareness is essential for every high-performing salesperson, regardless of the type of sales. You want your customers to know who you are and associate you and your business with the solutions they seek. Blogs are fantastic at creating that image for your customers. It’s been said many times, “people buy from people they like and people they trust.” Writing blog articles provides readers not only with great info about your products and services but about a range of topics and activities related to your business. With the billions of different searches that happen every day, it means that your well-written blog article will likely be found and read. Blogs are the perfect way to showcase your expertise and trustworthiness and offer content that your prospects will seek out. Most importantly, this must be an ongoing process, requiring you to update your blog posts often and keep content fresh.

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