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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Consumers give more attention to images than words. It’s been shown over and over that including a good picture or two with your blog post (or even Facebook post) increases the viewership and response by more than ten times! Pinterest is an excellent platform where you can capture your customers’ interest with quality pictures. Post pins (on Pinterest) with clear titles and unique, interesting, and entertaining images to stand out. This may require brushing up on your photography and web design skills, but the visibility is worth the effort, as Pinterest is one of the most visited websites each day. Buying pictures from online sources is a great way to get good quality, intense pictures. I have a Pinterest account and consistently post good pictures (with a weblink) about a variety of topics.  One of the most popular boards on my Pinterest account is my board about Sales and Marketing!

Tweet with a Purpose: Twitter is a great resource for businesses because brief updates and links are sent to hundreds of followers’ phones with a click. Twitter is like a simple do-it-yourself “news release” and affords you a fast and easy way to enhance your credibility and expertise. Make sure your Twitter biography is current, and share links of interest to your followers, including posts from other relevant blogs. Your followers will appreciate this and think of you as a source of great info. Also, try to keep up with hashtag trending in your industry. Using these tags increases your credibility. Lastly, interact with followers by replying, re-tweeting, and favoriting tweets. Although it takes time to get people to follow you, there are great tools within Twitter to follow others, and many of them will follow you back!

Your Personal Online Resume’: If you are not already using LinkedIn to strengthen your personal visibility and credibility, you must begin this immediately! LinkedIn is an underutilized networking site, perfectly designed for keeping track of business contacts, finding new prospect opportunities, and managing your business client portfolio.  Also, you should be asking your LinkedIn connections for written recommendations, (those that know you well), since their comments improve your reputation and profile immensely.

LinkedIn also has superb search capabilities, and more than 80% of major decision-makers are on this platform! For networking, advice, and searching out future customers, LinkedIn has a ‘groups’ feature which is a valuable resource for business owners. Join groups that are of interest to your customers to learn from them. Posting great articles on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your credibility and creates a positive image of your expertise. (And don’t forget to THANK everyone that does connect with you).

Become a Big Fish in the Big Pond: Facebook is the world’s largest and busiest social media platform. As of late, it has created a lot of controversy with how they are deciding what posts are OK and which ones don’t meet “their criteria.”

Be prepared to either accept this kind of censorship or use MeWe instead. With its growth, Facebook has added many features that businesspeople can use to network, interact, and advertise. With this growth, businesses must now compete to be in followers’ newsfeeds. To stand out and increase visibility, complete every section of your business profile or page, respond to customers as quickly as possible (ideally within an hour), and post about more than just your business or blog.

Almost every post you make on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Parler, or MeWe must be accompanied by a picture.  Those pictures should be funny, thought-provoking, inspiring, and eye-catching. Educational and entertainment also play well. This will create an environment that feels useful and personable and will draw more followers to your FB page, thereby adding to your credibility and exposure.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses and salespeople. These strategies can help you make the most of your social media campaigns.


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