On-Site Sales Training

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Everyone that has ever arranged for sales training at their own facility knows the incredible value of personalized training. Any good trainer tailors their class to fit that specific organization and incorporate that company’s issues, concerns and needs into the program.

The biggest advantage of on-site training is the location. With the training done on the company’s premises, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another location to the trainer.

On-site training also allows the organization to be free to make last minute changes and make additional changes to who might or might not be helpful to include into the training, for example an operations manager who could share a few experiences with the class or an up-and-coming executive who might be willing to sit in the next available training program.

We are asked regularly (every two or three weeks) to teach a two-day or three-day class on Sales & Marketing at the contractors office. From our experience, the marketers walk away with an entirely different and deeper understanding of the process they need to follow to be successful.

What you get is an intense, customized sales training program for your organization that will improve the skills your people need to succeed. We teach sales staff to close more deals. The Ramp It Up Now 3-day class is by far the most popular, as it provides a solid foundation for your marketers to go into the market-place and begin creating a portfolio of commercial property owners; those who will call the contractor when an event strikes their facility.

Contractors usually ask how big these losses are, since they may be a little nervous that they’ll get too many large losses at one time. The fact is the average commercial loss is about $40,000 – which is well within the contractors ability to tackle. When the loss is exceptionally large, there are many many resources and support companies and people that will respond immediately to help you make a large loss job go smoothly.                                                                 

What most contractors don’t realize is when you engage outside resources, in almost EVERY job, your scope will be more complete, accurate, and the amount will be significantly more. The fees (and/or equipment costs) associated with most of the outside resources are fully billable to the large loss, and you will make more money. Of the hundreds of large losses I’ve been involved in, every single one of those jobs resulted in billing an amount significantly more than the contractor’s original scope/estimate!

One recent job (June 2020) the contractor estimated the job to be about $75k, and when we got involved and brought in additional support staff and equipment, the paid invoice exceeded $135k.

Personalized, face-to-face training of your sales staff and agent/plumber marketers always produces better results and is far more likely to help you retain your staff for the long-term.  That’s why we specialize in creating custom-tailored classroom learning experiences that use small group exercises, role-plays, and other interactive segments to drive observable and measurable changes in sales behavior.

Our one-on-one phone coaching (available for an additional cost), will include creating and implementing a performance-based program for your sales staff, so you have measurable results and accountability.

We understand that most owners and managers are good at certain areas within their company and the unique skills of a “sales manager” are usually not part of their comfort zone or available time. We help you solve that!



You also get:

  • consistent messaging
  •  convenience date and location
  • cost effective   pricing
  • boosts employee productivity
  • customized and tailored for your company
  • hands on with role-playing
  • more staff can attend – less travel cost

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By Dick Wagner, Nationally recognized restoration sales coach, consultant, and trainer.