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Almost every contractor I work with, and those I’ve worked with in the past, all want more work, More Jobs, More Projects. Marketers working on a commission always want more referrals coming in – and jobs getting closed.


Regardless of the strategy used, the process must be effective and repeatable. Your marketers must be able to duplicate those sales steps – repeatedly. It also needs to be in writing. Some of our clients use checklists, some display the process and steps on posters in the office. At a minimum, salespeople should role-play and repeatedly practice those steps, so they are natural and comfortable out in the marketplace.


Effective marketing requires a precise methodology. Below are some simple, easy-to-follow steps of the marketing process. Remember – marketing isn’t a single action, but rather a series of steps and actions leading from one to the next – to a satisfactory conclusion.  Here’s your list:

  • Continually find and engage prospects
  • Add those prospects to your CRM
  • Use your CRM to track and follow up
  • Use social media (LIn, FB, Twitter, Blog)
  • Make Phone Calls to set appointments
  • Use Power Questions
  • ASK for referrals and jobs
  • Thank them when jobs come in
  • Track your numbers
  • Know your metrics (# leads, # jobs, % closing, $$ amount)
  • Watch Sales Training Videos
  • Read, Learn, Study, Practice

As an active blogger who tracks website analytics closely, I know most people won’t read more than a page or two. For that reason, I’m only listing 12 key points. There are dozens of smaller steps that should be included to refine and perfect your selling process.

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder    The CREST Network, LLC                  

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

Creator of the renowned PREP™ pre-disaster program


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