Commercial Pre-Disaster Program

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Everyone knows that the major (national) restoration contractors have their own version of a pre-disaster program, which they typically offer to national accounts. Those national accounts can be big-box stores, chain restaurants, large corporate-owned hotel groups, national nursing home chains, and many more.

Typically, national players go after national chains and groups. That still leaves millions of commercial properties that no one is targeting! Since most of these “other” properties are available for you to market to, and in your market area, they’re the ideal target to build your own portfolio.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of contractors I’ve worked with on the PREP™ program that is having amazing success: One contractor in Indiana over a couple of years time – signed up 35 million square feet of commercial floor space. Another contractor in Georgia, offering the same PREP™ program has 25 million sq ft under the Agreement. Both companies are seeing more than a dozen commercial losses per year!  That’s where the payoff really puts the money in the bank.

National franchises and large national chains offer many different types of disaster preparedness. Some are a joke and are mostly “feel-good” plans that create zero loyalty or relationships. Almost none of them have an actual “tangible” manual or preparedness guide to help establish value. Several of them offer an app for the phone and that app is more of an illusion than an actual relationship. (Remember, you can build it – but that doesn’t mean they’ll call you when they need you)!

The early version of the Commercial Pre-Disaster Program we built almost 20 years ago, has since been dramatically updated – like a living manual – so the info inside is current, relevant, and used every day by the commercial end-user. Hotels, Nursing Homes, Churches, Schools, and more all use our manual for keeping their staff up to date on the latest issues and concerns.

The challenge is to have the “right” manual, sell to the “right” verticals (commercial types), know what to say, have the correct “promise or commitment,” and build a deep relationship once they have committed.

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC    

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