Roofing Sales Tips To Up Your Game

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Every roofing company wants more sales.  Hopefully, every roofing sales rep also wants more sales. Technology has altered the roofing sales process with drones and apps, so you need to alter your sales presentations to meet this new world.

It’s no secret to almost everyone that our world has changed significantly over the past five or more years. With those radical changes comes the need for roofing salespeople to “up their game” to be relevant and successful.

 Below are a few suggestions to increase your sales numbers:

Casual Not Sloppy

Today, with a world that has gone off the deep end of laid-back, and often crude, the general public still expects their salesperson to be skilled, an authority, and look and act like they fit the part. Be respectful of the appointment time – show up ON TIME. Offer a business card, or even better – also wear a name badge lanyard.

Do Not Assume Anything

When you get to the door, ASK them to confirm their name, as you introduce yourself. ASK for permission to park – wherever you parked. i.e.: driveway, street, etc. ASK before you “walk around the house, or if you are going to get on the roof, ASK first! With drones readily available, using a drone for both canvassing and targeting the client’s home, you can raise your professionalism. (People are still impressed with drones).


Nobody likes a “sales pitch”, and no one wants to have a pushy salesperson trying to intimidate and shove roofing services down their throats. It’s not about “closing the sale.” You will have far greater long-term success if you take the time to listen, offer solutions to problems, and help your prospect learn the options and choices so they can make their own decision.

Someone that has been educated respectfully sells themselves and has far fewer regrets. They are less likely to back out, less likely to have complaints, and more willing to give you rave reviews.

Many Competitors

You already know this, but in almost every community, there are dozens (hundreds) of potential roofing companies for your prospect to consider. Reality tells us that a shingle is a shingle to the average consumer.  (OK there are some differences but unless it’s compelling, and you clearly show that, most people will never know).

The single best way to fight off your competition is by being DIFFERENT. I don’t mean to wear a suit when everyone else wears khakis and a polo shirt. I’m talking about having a compelling story that highlights your special and unique company. You also need to have a unique or customer-centric process, installation, warranty, or customer service strategy.

It Is Not About Price 

Sure, you can argue this, and try to beat your competitor’s price, but you rarely win. Even when you get the job by being the lowest priced, you will usually find that the customer is demanding and difficult. Furthermore, they will be argumentative, never satisfied, and almost never give you a great review on Yelp or Google, or Angie’s List.

It’s been proven over and over that the salesperson bringing value, differentiation, and solutions to the client – along with a compelling story – will out-sell the competitors!


When you are different, you stand out. You are remembered and considered much more qualified to assist them with a new roof.  Often, your company has a uniqueness you have not considered significant enough to promote.

If that single feature is something your clients care about, you need to be promoting it. You may not be able to “claim it” for long, because your competitors may start to offer the same thing. That’s OK, you just need to be always thinking of what you can promote that is unique to you and your company. If you’ve wracked your brain and just can’t come up with anything compelling that makes you different, then neither can your prospects.


I’m only going to touch on this here and address it in great detail in another article. However, it’s been shown that customers that were offered at least three options for roofing materials (3 different types or styles or warranties of shingle for example), and other products that you will be installing – increases your likelihood of closing the sale. People like to have “options” and three or possibly four options have proven over and over to be the winner.

For years there was a mentality in roofing sales that you offer only one type or style – keeping it very simple. The fact is, our buyers today are much smarter and have already done some research. They often know exactly what they want!

Watch for another article on DIFFERENTIATION and one on OPTIONS coming soon.

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