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Yes, our world has changed. It’s no longer just face-to-face or in-person networking events. The good news is we really don’t need the yellow pages anymore! Newspaper and magazine ads are almost a thing of the past. Even TV and radio ads are only purchased by major franchises and the big boys in their local market. If you ask them, they can’t tell you if the money was well spent.


Enter – the new world of social media as it is in 2020 and the foreseeable future! It’s been in place for about 12 – 15 years, but only in the past year or two has it dominated virtually every aspect of our lives.  From political posts and tweets to testimonials, to simple bragging by marketers, it has taken over our business and personal lives.


Today, you can narrowly target certain audiences, partly through social media ads and partly by the platforms you choose to use (Facebook, Twitter, Parler, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.). Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide, but very few marketers realize that their Facebook post on their business page only reaches about 2% (yes that’s 2 percent) of their followers. This is because Facebook shows so much junk to your followers, they can only present your post to just a handful of your page followers! (If you have 1000 FB page followers, that means on any given post only 20 or fewer see the post!)

Twitter is similar, but your tweet can be seen by whoever follows you if they choose to scan the feed.  From a purely business approach, LinkedIn delivers the most direct exposure of your posts to your followers.


Our clients ask us all the time if they should spend money on targeted ads on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Yes, but. Don’t pay to boost a FB post. That’s throwing away money! It’s far more effective to spend FB money on a targeted ad to get more business page likes because you can narrow your reach to almost exactly those you want to follow you! (Not as simple if you are trying to reach a national audience, but great for your local community).


You really don’t have a choice but to be intelligently active on social media for restoration marketing! It’s as important today for visibility and exposure as it was 20 years ago buying yellow page ads for the phone books.

Twenty or more years ago, the company I managed, was buying yellow page ads in all the surrounding phone books – paying YP about $2,000 a month! Oddly, today, that same company balks at paying $500 to promote their company on social media.


I can’t begin to cover even 1% of the info you really need to know to properly run a social media campaign for your restoration company. I can suggest you read “social media” books such as “One Million Followers in 30 Days” and “Social Boom,” both of which give you a good perspective on ways you can be effective and affordable in your social media marketing.

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