How Do I Get Large Loss Jobs?

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Can it be the “luck of the draw? How about if your company is first on Google search? What if you buy a Google Ad (for pay-per-click)? Or are you Top-Of-Mind with commercial clients?


Luck can certainly get you a commercial job – every one or two years (maybe). Reality dictates that this is not a promising sales approach to developing a commercial client base. Some marketers (usually at the request of the owner) knock on commercial doors, leave a business card and a company brochure – and ask the commercial client to “call them” if they ever have a disaster. This is also remarkably close to the “luck” strategy and rarely works – even though I’ve known many marketers to try this strategy.

The far better way to develop a reliable and consistent “commercial portfolio” of clients, is to provide them with a pre-disaster plan, and include mapping and tagging of their crucial shutoffs and controls. However, it doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning. People do business with people – especially if there is motivation to do so. That simply means the marketer must build a strong relationship with those commercial clients and continually remind them of the pre-disaster program you put in place.


Offering a complete and useful pre-disaster to commercial clients is your “foot in the door” and gives them a good reason to talk with you. For maximum effectiveness, your preparedness program (we suggest PREP™) needs to be tangible, visual, useful, and constant. It’s not enough to “sign them up” and then return a year later. Ownership changes, managers come and go, and maintenance staff is fired and hired. Face-to-face visits must happen at least every 45-60 days. Emails and newsletters should happen every 30 days.

Another consideration when you wonder- “How Do I Get Large Loss Jobs?” is to research and understand which verticals (industry types) are the best, which ones take the longest to complete the sale, and which verticals are terrible to target. You can get an amazing amount of information – white papers and incredibly detailed dissertations some with 40 pages of info) on The CREST Network website. You’ll want to be a member, so you can log in and see a wealth of learning materials and videos.


Certain commercial types (verticals) such as Churches are great verticals for a pre-disaster program, but the “sales cycle” can take many months because of their slow and methodical internal organization processes. Nursing homes can be a faster PREP sale turnaround but there are specific steps to get in the door – and get in front of the right person.

Everyone you market to is currently in a “status quo” position. Whatever they are doing now (which may be nothing!) is their status quo. Unless you can motivate them to move forward (we call it making them thirsty) you will be up against the proverbial brick wall.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your marketing people up to speed and on the right track to start building a commercial portfolio is to have Dick Wagner come to your location. Onsite training gives you the best – client-specific – custom training program.    Call me today – we love to help!   Dick Wagner  419-202-6745

By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC     

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

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