Make Cold Phone Call Marketing Warmer

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Nobody, I mean nobody likes to make cold phone calls. And nobody likes to get cold phone calls. It’s annoying and it’s a major interruption of our day and life. Yet, as marketers, it is necessary for you to make some phone calls – otherwise, you will always be struggling to get enough opportunities and ultimately enough referral work.


Almost weekly, I remind marketers that they need to be aggressive with their social media engagement. Marketers tell me they have 50, 100, or even 200 LinkedIn connections, and they are always getting “invites to connect” but simply ignore them. When you connect with business people on LinkedIn (people in your community), it means they “see” your name, many times they look up your profile before they connect, and all of that gives them another touch or exposure to you. I’ve been on LinkedIn for 15 years, and actively try to connect with people – and as of this writing, I have about 3,300 – 1st connections. Every first connection you get gives you an email address. What an easy way to build your email list.


Using social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Parler, and even Pinterest create exposure, awareness, and familiarity with you, your name, and your company name. As you post articles, create FB or Twitter posts, and put photos on Pinterest, you are stirring the proverbial pot of familiarity – making your connections warmer. When you make phone calls to clients, this familiarity (recognizing your name) means they are far more likely to take your call, and even give you a few minutes of their time.


When you do a good job of connecting with and becoming friends with people on social platforms, you build Social Proof. Some people have the idea that becoming Friends with others on Facebook means you must personally know them. The reality is, if they are friends with others you are friends with, there already is a commonality. My FB friends list exceeds 1700 because I ask to become friends with anyone that has at least 50 mutual friends with me! If, after you connect with them, you do not like their posts and comments, or find them acting like a troll, simply unfriend them (or unfollow them). As a marketer, your end game should be to connect and befriend as many as you can on social sites to elevate your familiarity with them.

One additional consideration is if, when you call them and remind them you are connected with them on FB or other social sites, they blow you off, are rude, disrespectful, or otherwise mistreat you… Unfriend them or remove them as a connection – they aren’t worth the effort and won’t help you get more business.


Reaching out to people by phone – to those you are “connected to on SM” – is a fast and more comfortable way to engage. The calls are warmer, and the people you call are more receptive because of the social media link or awareness they have with you. All you should be trying to do on those phone calls is just one thing. You should use your 3-sentence elevator pitch to schedule a face-to-face appointment with them. In the process I’m describing, you should never be trying to sell them your goods and services on that initial cold or warm call. The simple goal from the call: get an in-person appointment with them.

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